1. Only registered users of the e-shop enter the loyalty program
    - A member of the loyalty program collects points in the amount of 7% of the value of each purchase made.
  2. Points cannot be exchanged for cash.
  3. Points can be used for non-discounted goods only as a purchase discount,
  4. Loyalty points are valid for 60 days after they are credited to the customer's account.
  5. Points are activated (are usable) 30 days after the delivery of the order.
  6. When returning goods (orders), points are canceled, in case of a partial return, their value is adjusted.
  7. Loyalty points can only be used once. When returning the goods, the points will not be returned to the account.


       Every minute €1 = 1 point

      Each point is worth €0.07

      Example: Purchase of €50 = 50 points

                     50 points x €0.07 is €3.50 for your next purchase. 

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